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Driving usually provides a safe, comfortable and effective way to get around. Though most trips out do not result in an accident or collision, it’s important to be properly covered for those times when things go wrong. Before deciding which Houston Car Insurance you wish to buy, consider the following statistics:

1. When they drive to work, most residents of Houston spend 27.4 minutes in their cars on the road.
2. There are nearly 200 fatal crashes in Houston every year. These crashes cumulatively involve nearly 300 vehicles and up to 450 individuals on average.
3. Most accidents in Houston occur around 60 miles an hour on the highway. Still, these accidents do occur on every type of road.
4. Houston witnesses nearly 20,000 auto thefts in and around the city every year.

Thinking about these numbers, it becomes obvious that you want to make sure you have the best Auto Insurance available to suit your needs. When looking for an Auto Insurance company in Houston, take a look at the following local favorites:

Dean & Draper Insurance Agency is a Trusted Choice insurance agency which plans and puts together personal insurance and commercial insurance policies properly suited to fit specific individual, family and business needs. Offering the best fitting program (including Auto Insurance) at the best fitting price is Dean & Draper’s guarantee.

Featuring over 500 years of combined insurance experience, Dean & Draper’s team of Houston Auto Insurance agents work hard to make sure you receive the best insurance coverage at the most competitive prices. Their auto insurance policies include the standard basic coverage, which entails Bodily Injury Liability, Property Damage Liability, Defense Costs, Collision, Other Than Collision, Medical Payments and Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist insurance. Dean & Draper’s also provides free instant Houston auto insurance quotes via their website.

Auto Insurance Discounters Inc. is licensed in the state of Texas to provide property, casualty and life insurance. They’ve been helping people out in Texas since 1992, starting out with just one location and two employees. Since then they’ve expanded to twelve locations and continue their dedication to providing Houston auto insurance to the city and its surrounding areas as one of the largest providers of low-cost auto insurance in Texas.

Known for their honesty and integrity when they deal with both insurance carriers and their clients, Auto Insurance Discounters has built a solid reputation for their ability to deliver low prices and great service. They are an independent agency who works with the top rated insurance companies, looking for the best match of quality and price for their clients. While offering a wide variety of insurances, they specialize in low cost auto insurance for Houston. In addition to their in-person and phone service, they also offer 24/7 online quote submission.

Farmer’s Insurance Group helps drivers understand the ins-and-outs of Auto insurance, helping you select the proper auto insurance coverage to suit your needs. Located in downtown Houston, Farmer’s believes that there is more to finding the right insurance than simply finding the lowest price. After all, in the long run the wrong insurance will end up costing you more than higher value insurance.

Mark Walton represents Farmer’s Insurance Group in Houston. Walton is among the top ten percent of Farmer’s Agents, proving he has the training, knowledge and customer service skills required to help you find the right auto insurance in Houston.

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