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A lot of things can go wrong when it comes to driving your car, making it necessary to buy the best auto insurance in San Diego that you can find. While most of the time you drive nothing bad happens, you never know when a freak accident might occur, leaving you in trouble. Even if you never get in an accident, there’s always the chance that your car might get stolen or otherwise damaged while parked. Think about the following before getting your auto insurance:

1. Residents of San Diego, on average, drive 23.2 minutes to get to work one way.
2. On average, San Diego sees nearly one hundred fatal auto accidents, and that’s not even counting surrounding cities. Those fatal accidents involved well over two hundred people and well over one hundred separate vehicles.
3. Most cars involved in those fatal crashes were driving about sixty five miles an hour when they had their accident. While highway crashes made up the majority of these accidents, San Diego still sees plenty of accidents a year off the highway.
4. Within the city of San Diego and its surrounding cities, over 13,000 cars were stolen. The top five most stolen cars weren’t exactly shiny and new either- none of the models were from after 1995, and only two cars in the top ten most stolen models were released in the 2000’s.

When you look over these numbers and take them into consideration, it becomes obvious that you want to seek out the best San Diego auto insurance you can find. Here are a few favorite local auto insurance agencies for the city of San Diego:

Classic Green Light Insurance offers a one-stop solution for insurance services in Southern California. They offer a wide range of solutions, including homeowner’s, life, health, business and Mexico insurances, in addition to auto insurance. They are dedicated to finding the right insurance for you that is affordable and that gives you the coverage you really need. For San Diego auto insurance, they offer free quotes through a number of channels- online, e-mail, in person, fax and by phone. Additionally, they are Spanish speaker friendly.

The Auto Insurance Specialists are also a good choice for your San Diego auto insurance. This company operates by providing you with rates from multiple California insurance companies, which helps you shop around to find the best and most appropriate combination of price and coverage. They provide their clients with every competing rate, sorted and ranked from lowest to highest, all from the most appropriate San Diego auto insurance companies according to your needs. They provide an extremely streamlined process that promises better, cheaper, more appropriate insurance that takes just five minutes to start. If, after looking over the rates, you like what you see, you can then contact an AIS representative to help finalize and purchase your policy.

In addition, when looking for your San Diego auto insurance, AIS offers the custom Pick Your Price service. Essentially, if you have a price in mind that you are able to pay for your insurance, you can give this price to your AIS representative and they will tailor your coverage to your needs according to what you are able to spend.

In addition to the standard package of coverage (which includes bodily injury liability, property damage liability, medical payments, uninsured motorists coverage, comprehensive physical damage coverage and collision coverage) AIS also offers additional coverage such as vehicle renting, rental car reimbursement, gap coverage, mechanical breakdown and towing.

All that said just click one of the selected insurance companies and find out how much money you can save!

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