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Read about: Auto Insurance Washington

Washington D.C. is known for having some of the most erratic drivers in the country, making it essential you find the best auto insurance available to you. Beyond the fear of getting into an accident, drivers in Washington D.C. have to contend with the high crime rate and resultant high rate of auto thefts. Take the following statistics in mind when looking for car insurance in Washington.

1. Washington drivers are known for their long commutes, and the numbers back this data up, identifying Washington workers as having one of the top ten longest commutes in the country. On average, a worker in Washington D.C. will drive 29.7 minutes each way to get to work. This extra time on the road greatly increases the chance of having an accident.
2. On average, there are just shy of forty fatal accidents in Washington D.C. every year, not counting the districts’ surrounding cities. These accidents involved nearly one hundred people and over fifty vehicles. While these numbers may seem a little low, keep in mind the many commuting accidents occurring in Washington’s surrounding cities’ jurisdiction.
3. Most of these accidents did not occur on the highway, as the average speed during these accidents was only twenty five miles an hour. Accidents occur anywhere, making it important you find the best auto insurance rates in Washington.
4. In addition to those accidents, the city of Washington sees well over 7,000 car accidents every year.

Because it can be such an unpredictable place to drive, you want to make sure you have the best Washington auto insurance on the market. When starting your search for new or better coverage, consider the following local offerings:

Capitol Fidelity Insurance is a family owned and operated agency that’s been working since 1984 in the D.C. area, specializing in both auto and home insurance policies for individuals. They offer full coverage Washington auto insurance, offering packages with the legally required and most commonly requested types of coverage (including bodily injury, property damage, uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance, damage to the insured vehicle comprehensive and collision). Their policies can also include other coverage such as rental car insurance and towing.

The agency exclusively works with reputable insurance companies and works hard to find the most competitive premium quotes available for your vehicle. Their agents can help you figure out which limits to select based on the make, model, age and mileage of your car. Additionally, they provide a number of benefits, discounts and credits for their clients, including:

1. free registry plate service
2. credits for low mileage and seatbelts
3. discounts for members of certain clubs and groups

Howard & Hoffman Incorporated is a local, independent, family owned and operated insurance company that has been operating in D.C. and its surrounding areas for over 100 years. Representing a wide variety of different insurance carriers, the agency helps their clients by providing personal insurance coverage that protect against a wide range of circumstances. While other insurance companies only cater to specific demographics, Howard & Hoffman’s variety allows them to help clients with a range of income levels and driving records.

While their knowledgeable agents provide full service help when you are searching for a good plan, Howard & Hoffman also specializes in claims assistance. In addition to dealing with insurance companies that are fair with their claims, Howard & Hoffman’s associates go the extra mile to act in their client’s best interest, assisting them in deciding the best times to file claims and helping them receive their maximum owed compensation.

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